April 6, 2016

Intellectual property is gaining importance in our lives, particularly after the changes caused by the period of transition in the Republic of Bulgaria. The law recognizes and guarantees rights of copyright owners to use a work of art, a work of literature, and a work of science within boundaries.

The exclusive rights to use trademark allows the trademark owner to use and administer it and to prohibit third parties to use in their commercial activity a sign, which is similar to the registered trademark, without permission.

We will exercise your rights, protect, and keep your intellectual property. We will protect your personal and business interests:

Registration of trademarks, industrial samples and designs in The Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria;

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights;

Drawing up contracts, granting the right of using patent brand products and copyright work;

Legal representation and protection;

Drawing up publishing contracts, contracts for production and co-production of movies and television shows, contracts assigning rights of broadcasting and distribution of television movies and shows and radio programs, contracts regulating the relations of copyright owners, contracts assigning exclusive or non-exclusive right of using copyright work;

Consultation services and legal protection in the area of copyright and related rights;

Consulting and legal assistance for registration of trademarks and other intellectual property products in the Patent Office;

Legal protection in case of violating rights of intellectual property objects;

Consultation and drawing up license agreements and franchise agreements.