June 6, 2016

For the full scope of legal services to be provided, it is required a qualitative and competent legal representation of the client and Bogdanov&Penev Law Office is well aware of that. We have solid experience and capacity to defend our clients in legal proceedings including the ones with international element in all areas of civil law. We can provide litigation before courts in all instances:

  • including assistance in all stages of the proceedings;
  • drawing up claims, objections, legal opinions, written counter-submissions and agreements
  • cooperation in case of imposing or appealing precautionary measures
  • conducting plea in court hearings and trials
  • collecting and analysing evidence, examination of witnesses
  • representation of clients in enforcement proceedings
  • providing legal consultation in recognition, admission and implementation of foreign court judgements in Bulgaria and judgements of Bulgarian court in foreign countries
  • appeal of verdicts and court judgements
  • representation of clients at Arbitration courts in Bulgaria and abroad
  • mediation