March 21, 2016

In the area of Commercial Law, we have experienced lawyers and legal advisors, graduates and practitioners in this branch of law. Our team can assist you in choosing the most appropriate for your business goals legal form of incorporation and market presence; we provide comprehensive consultation services and cooperation for the optimal development of your activity and business.

Our team members develop and offer to their clients a variety of asset allocation schemes, by developing multi-variant scenarios for mergers, takeovers, divisions and spin-offs, setting up new companies by contribution of assets, carrying out detailed preliminary researches and analyses of each step of the restructuring planning in order to find the optimal solution for the client.

Our activity is related to providing legal services to corporate clients and is entirely focused on protecting their economic interests. In our practice, we have a large number of successfully completed court cases, including insolvency proceedings.

Our team provides the following services:

Establishment of trade companies, legal entities, associations of trade companies, as well as the establishment of corporations, non-profit associations for private and public benefit, foundations, branches of traders and non-residents;

Consulting services in the field of the given business activity and management of the trade companies and associations engaged in additional business activity;

Subscription services for all types of trade companies and legal entities;

Protection of members’ rights of partners and shareholders, protection of members of the board of directors in terms of actions brought by shareholders for seeking responsibility for their management;

All types of accompanying consultations and carrying out transactions with commercial enterprises;

All types of accompanying consultations and carrying out transformations and liquidations of companies, as well as joining, merging, splitting, and separations of trade companies.

Preparation of contracts for all kinds of commercial transactions, sale of shares;

Establishment of special pledges and collaterals, as well as conducting a procedure for enforcement proceedings on an established special pledge, protection of the interests of debtors and creditors;

Participation in insolvency procedures of debtors, protection of debtors and creditors in such proceedings, including claims, legal representation in creditors’ meetings, preparation of recovery plans, out-of-court settlements;

Carrying out actions and registrations of an increase in the capital of companies. Contribution of property to the capital of the companies;

Preparation and holding of regular meetings for annual closings of joint stock companies; a representation and management of regular and extraordinary general meetings of associates and shareholders. Representation of shareholders and associates in such meetings;

Carrying out all actions for entering new circumstances and changes for traders in the Commercial Register;

Consulting services and registration of companies in offshore areas;

A legal representation and protection of clients in commercial law cases in the court;

Asset Tracing of debtors

Collection of debts: In the midst of the global economic crisis, inter-company indebtedness gains tremendous proportions. In order to satisfy the need for fast collection of the receivables of our clients, including banks, leasing companies, financial companies, municipalities and trade companies, we offer to conduct an asset tracing of the debtors’ assets.

Equitable charges through preservation of bank accounts, receivables, movable property, shares, foreclosures on real estate, and others. We negotiate with the debtors in order to maximize repayment of the given debt and preserve the business relations between our clients and their debtors. Our team works closely with private enforcement agents across the country to ensure quick and effective settlement of disputes relating to the payment of debts.